theresa devoe-mose


Theresa Devoe-Mose, also known as Reesie, is the founder of Nesian Bites Ltd., a family-owned business based in the heart of West Auckland. Originally from Samoa, at a young age she migrated to New Zealand with her family. Growing up, Reesie would eagerly look forward to traditional family gatherings on Sundays, focused around a communal toonai (lunch) where the celebration of the coming week would sometimes go on well into the evening.  She and her mum would cook for this together, sparking her lifelong passion for food and that common experience that brings us all together: food.

A self-styled food artist delivering exceptional grazing foods with exceptional presentation, Reesie’s platters are works of art. Each consists of a colourful and enticing mix of seasonal fruits, vegetables, cheeses, cured meats, breads, dips, desserts and so much more; served with decorative Polynesian-inspired flair. Nesian Bites cater for all kinds of events and tailor their offerings for every customer.

While researching how to start a food business in Auckland, Reesie stumbled across The Kitchen Project and immediately applied–calling this the best business move she’s ever made. Getting to know fellow entrepreneurs and business mentors and testing out her product with enthusiastic foodies were marked highlights of the program, spurring her on to ambitious new goals for where she can take her craft.

You can hire Nesian Bites through Facebook and Instagram, with a dedicated website on the way.