carmel davidovitch


Some things are brilliant enough to need just one name. Like Carmella – purveyor of fine Yemenite pita breads created by Kiwi-born baker Carmel Davidovitch. Feedback from market-goers who have sampled her wares is nothing short of extraordinary!

Moving to Israel at a young age, Carmel credits her upbringing as a key force in inspiring her passion for food and in starting her business making delicious traditional Mediterranean pita bread, which is stuffed with flavoursome recipes that embody the cuisine of her childhood.

Travelling the world when working as a flight attendant served to further fuel Carmel’s curiosity about food. She relished every opportunity to explore the culinary delights of the world and in doing so honed her idea for her own food offering, and Carmella was created.

With hopes to introduce Auckland to the hole-in-the-wall set up typical of Mediterranean eateries, Carmel’s dream is to take all Aucklander’s on a gourmet street-food journey, tantalising their taste buds without travelling too far.

Carmel is looking to The Kitchen Project to help her navigate this journey. “Being in [The Kitchen Project] together with other foodies makes me feel like I'm part of something great and special, that we can share our passion and help each other with ideas and motivation.

“I hope that one day I'll have a place of my own where I can create and share my love for good food.”

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Keen to try Carmel's food?

Find Carmel at the monthly Kumeu Farmers Market on the third Sunday of every month or at the Coatesville monthly market on the first Sunday of every month.