Mother-of-one-Ursula Keay’s love of animals goes way back, having been raised on a farm in West Auckland. But it wasn’t until she discovered that her baby daughter is dairy-intolerant that the idea for Fressertz was born.

“As I tried to avoid dairy, I realised it’s in so much and so hard to get away from,” Ursula says. “That’s when I started experimenting with dairy-free baking.” Cue the creation of a delectable range of pret-a-manger dairy-free deserts that can be eaten on the spot or – if you can resist them – frozen and enjoyed later. Think banoffee pie, berry cheesecake and tiramisu among others.

Ursula’s goals for her business are filled with as much goodness as her deserts. “I want to get Fressertz in to a position where I can donate a portion of my profits to animal charities. I’d love to see a change in people’s mindset towards consuming food that’s kinder to animals.”