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Firm friends from childhood, Westies Joel and Ray owe the genesis of
Just Chicken to an ‘a-ha’ moment at WOMAD and a hand-crafted marinade that left taste-testers wanting more.

The pair were sampling the food at annual the festival a few years ago when they were inspired by the idea of being able to make a living while having fun. Drawing on his Japanese heritage, Ray created a marinade that he and Joel tested on customers at a restaurant where Joel was working as a head chef. Its roaring success laid the foundations for Just Chicken, a simple and ethical approach to cooking the humble chook.

Marinated in real ingredients, Joel and Ray use only free-range chicken and hand make their sauces from scratch. Their offering is a classic favourite done better – healthier, ethically and with particular care given to balancing flavours and textures.

To taste it, is to love it. You have been warned!